Fondation Flamenca Presentation

The Flamenca Foundation is a foundation sheltered by the Fondation Agir Contre l’Exclusion (FACE), an officially recognized nonprofit organization.


Help with engaging people excluded from employment through professional training courses to get jobs in the field of restoration of ancient buildings and of their environment.

Social object:

« Supporting the creation and operation of a center of excellence dedicated to the enhancement of iconic historical sites of the Bourbonnais, mainly through rehabilitation and on-site training scholarships (CeRF) to the trades of heritage restoration sites. »

… or to the creation of parks and ecological gardens (PaJE).

Pursued goals:

  • Allow a first level of rehabilitation through the creation of parks and gardens to enhance the attractiveness of the sites.
  • Ensure the students’ training in restoring old buildings or in site entertainment.
  • Promote the exchange of expertise at European level on these matters.

Ambition :

  • Consolidate the best practices in a regional center of excellence for the promotion of historical heritage and its environment.

Concept :

  • Innovate by a unique transmission of values, gestures and expertise, based on the sound practices of Companionship.
  • Allow inclusion of young talent thanks to on-worksite training.
  • Call for skill sponsorships from corporate partners in order for the trainees to be coached by companionship masters.


  • Conduct engineering projects based on valuation needs selected locally
  • Translate the needs into onsite training projects and training curricula
  • Search for sponsors and corporate partners to carry them out
  • Lead students gradually into employment.

The effectiveness of this approach is based on agility, versatility and flexibility for corporate partners.

Once tested, this approach will be replicated in other regions.


The Team of the Flamenca foundation is composed of experienced engineers in the design of complex projects, in methods of participative management and in the management of multidisciplinary teams.

The team is led by the desire to implement the best practices of transmission of expertise by innovating on the transmission devices and the active involvement of leading companies in the sector of heritage restoration of historical sites.


… in summary:

Deliberately short curricula, a high level of supervisory staff, a strong commitment of the trainees, association and corporate partners, a recognition of the trainings by the trade are the fundamentals of Flamenca’s action and will also be key to the success of integration of the youngsters!

The candidates’ recruitment will be initiated with communities and the rehabilitation associations and finalized by the corporate partners.